Cruise Ship

When you go from dream to reality, you experience an indescribable sensation, difficult to define when it appears at the least expected moment. A cruise does not take place every day and when the traveller finally ascends the stairs of a giant and imposing ship, he wakes up amazed at the adventure he is about to undertake.

Taking the desired cruise, in a boat equipped with all the comforts, many more than you expected, comfortable cabin for rest at sea, social lounges, restaurants, swimming pool, spa, gym and many other tourist services, will allow you to live a few days of vacation in front of the great scenery of the sea.

The cruise that is taken for the first time must be well thought out, the traveler must obtain all the information of what the specialized agencies offer, to avoid problems later for some aspects not contemplated. Only when the primiparous knows each of the services covered by the chosen plan, ports of departure.

Departure and arrival times, also if the package includes food and how many times a day, cost of the cabin, other tours and expenses on land, payment of tickets to museums and additional expenses such as transportation and laundry service, among others, you can travel with the security of forgetting everything, not to worry because from now on, everything is enjoyment and rest in the middle of the immense sea that serves as landscape.

Adventure by the sea

People who travel for the first time in any of the cruises that are offered, the economic ones that are the most common or the so-called privileges because they include luxury tours, entrances to monuments and other benefits, must take into account the requirements demanded between them.

The complete documentation consists of valid passport and visas as required, permission for underage children when traveling without their parents, as well as documents stipulated by shipping companies, boarding tickets, passenger cards, payment vouchers, cards that identify the luggage and cabin number assigned.

Affordable Plans

A few years ago traveling on vacation to international destinations was possible thanks to the airplane. Today, this activity is also carried out through cruises and the offer of plans has become more widespread. Important commercial shipping companies have emerged, which program different routes and itineraries and have increased the number of ships to meet the growing demand of tourists eager to live an adventure at sea.

The plans offered are diverse and adjusted to various budgets. The offers and promotional plans of their interesting trips are enormous. Companies such as Carnival, Royal Caribbean, Costa Cruises and Celebrity Cruises among the most prominent, compete in a healthy way for the travel market.

The most economical tours, taking into account price and quality, depend precisely on the itineraries, because the best offers are given in short cruises called “mini cruises”, compared to those scheduled for several days of nonstop travel. A tourist can take a weekend cruise, from 2 to 3 days, but there are also 8 nights, more demanding and are ideal for honeymoon plans or quinceaƱera trips, among other reasons.

The shipping companies program special trips called replacement, where they offer tourists incredible prices, between 35 and 55 euros per person, when for commercial reasons they need to transfer their boats in different regions, with or without passengers. Then they take advantage to travel with quotas of tourists and the incentive in this case are the low prices and accessible to different pockets.

Best Offers Seasons

As it happens with all the tourist offers, the best prices and attractive discounts in the cruises, depend on the months to travel, before or after the high season.

Autumn is an ideal time to go up the Caribbean, with destinations in Bahamas or Mexico, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, Cayman Islands, Jamaica or Bermuda, among others. Another option is to seek paradise by embarking in La Florida, to travel Ft. Lauderdale, San Juan de Puerto Rico and arrive in New York, between 7 and 15 days cruise.

One of the big companies, Royal Caribbean, offers its 2013-2014 season with non-visa cruises. Tourists can travel from Sunday, when they set sail from Cartagena, on a tour of the Caribbean that includes Bonaire, Aruba, CuraƧao, Colon in Panama and return to Cartagena on the 8th day of this wonderful Atlantic crossing.

Other cruises, for example Princess Cruises, offer trips in autumn to the Greek islands, in luxurious and modern ships with exclusive service in their exquisite and varied meals, where it is possible to choose the preferred restaurant.

Shows and entertainment on board to make the voyage entertaining, elegant lounges and comfortable cabins. The crew is always available to assist travelers in a friendly manner.

Tips for the traveler

  • Carry one or at most two normal suitcases. It is worth consulting the baggage policy of the shipping company. It is recommended to carry a hand-held card holder with identification document. It is ideal for the swimming pool and also very useful every time you disembark, as you must identify yourself at each port.
  • The costumes for the cruise should include a pair of elegant dresses for the evening, a pareo to go to the pool, a dark suit with tie for men, hats, sunscreen and dark glasses to counteract the effects of the rays of the sun.
  • Gastronomy with all kinds of dishes and dietetic food. Special menus for children.
  • Internet and WIFI for connection from your own laptops.
  • Pets are not allowed. Prohibited objects: weapons and sharp objects such as knives and scissors, chemical substances and illegal drugs, electric irons or heaters, flammable liquids and explosives. Alcoholic beverages may not be loaded in baggage.
  • The boat has facilities for the disabled in cabins and in all facilities, access to wheelchairs in public areas, and adequate public restrooms.
  • In the cabins there are safes to store valuables. Those that are not stored there are not the responsibility of the shipping company for their safety.
  • When a cruise ship is initiated, an emergency drill is carried out, very useful to understand the instructions and especially to know how to act in case of an emergency. The evacuation route is marked on a map that is available in each cabin.