How to have a more productive business trip?

Business trips are usually fast, stressful and annoying, in some cases, if we do not know how to organize correctly, we can also suffer other negative external impacts such as flight delays, loss of luggage, jetlag, loss of time on transfers and waits in security filters.

We cannot eliminate these factors but what can we do to minimize them and have a more effective trip?

Business trips are often distinguished by being days of a lot of information in a short time, so the organization will always be paramount.

First of all make sure that the tasks you have in your work are ready or that someone else can supervise them while you are away, the second is always organize your time, make a calendar, also seek to have time for yourself and your rest.

And finally, take with you all the digital information you need, your documents, medical assistance, flight information and all the presentations or whatever you need to meet with your customers.

The transfer time does not depend on us directly, but what is in our hands is to ask our company the tools to make this as fast as possible.

Look for all the necessary reservations during your trip, investigate mobility times from one place to another to schedule your tasks in the most assertive way and make your productive time is greater.

In many occasions the companies for saving a little in costs, look for the cheapest flights which translates into dead times and unnecessary exhaustion for us.

If you spent three hours at the airport, you made connections and the hotel you were booked for was also very far from the airport you will surely arrive exhausted and direct to rest.

Look for and propose schedules that allow you to rest and work during your journey so that you arrive at your appointments and your performance is not diminished by tiredness.

Insured travel is essential on any type of trip, so a business trip is no different. Having good assistance will cover you in case you have a medical emergency, a legal problem or if you unfortunately suffer some kind of delay due to the airline.

Remember also that if you travel frequently in AXA we have a multi-tip plan which will accompany you no matter how many trips you make during a year with the best medical coverage in the market and up to.

Another important aspect is to pack intelligently, as transfers or the speed of business trips can be affected if we take a lot with us.

Travel with what you need, check the weather, calculate correctly the days and type of clothing needed for them and preferably do not document the luggage, because carrying everything you need in your carry-on will save you a lot of time in rows.

Don’t forget to bring all the electronic devices and accessories necessary for your trip, such as a computer, chargers, camera if necessary, tablets, electrical adapters and above all try to charge everything before leaving your home, so if you need any during your trip you will not have to suffer because you are looking for a light connection.

If your flight is long take advantage of the time you are on the plane, but surely you will not have internet, you can write emails to send later, review or finish presentations, review information, make notes or given that night travel is essential to rest to arrive with energy and avoid jetlag to some extent.

Don’t worry too much if you have some downtime because the flight was delayed or because the weather encouraged your journey or if on the contrary it was faster than you thought and now you have extra time, make the most of it!

It can be working and moving forward, catching up with personal aspects or dedicating yourself to walking a little or getting to know the city if possible.

It is worth doing non-work activities during your trip, of course, as long as you really get organized and the time is right, but it is important to have some free time to rest and get to know the city you are visiting.

Try to sleep and rest what you need, look for a good bath, a cup of coffee and eat at reasonable times so you do not get in a bad mood for basic factors.

No matter it is a business trip, travel in general does not have to cause stress in any way if you know how to organize properly, because on the contrary, more in this case is an opportunity for job growth along with the opportunity to travel to another place and meet different people and spaces.

We really hope that you have an excellent and profitable business trip, remember that our coverage accompanies you regardless of the type of trip you are making, also, we will take care if something gets out of your hands and wants to interfere with your way.